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Stéphan DIANA


  Second International Meeting on Silicene (IMS-2), Marrakech-Morocco, November, 23, 2011  
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US-Morocco Workshop on Nano-Materials and Renewable Energies, Ifrane-Morocco, November, 17-19, 2011  



In the perspective of strengthening the relationships between material scientists from Europe and countries on the south and east side of the Mediterranean Sea, we are planning to organize a series of Conferences entitled EUROMED-MAT. The scientific topics of the EUROEMED-MAT conference will be of interest to countries of the Mediterranean sea with particular attention to novel problems using state of the art experimental techniques as well as advanced theoretical and computational approaches for materials science. These EUROMED-MAT conferences are strongly supported and endorsed by the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). The first of these conference series is dedicated to Materials and Renewable Energies (EMCMRE) with emphasize on nanoscience and nanotechnology, renewable energies and interface with biology.

This first EUROMED-MAT conference is organized in Marrakech (Morocco). The following conferences will be held alternatively in a European country and a south or Middle East Mediterranean country. The topics of the EMCMRE conference will encompass several branches of physics, chemistry, biology and computer science towards Renewable Energies. The targeted audience will include Professors, Researchers and Engineers from Universities, Engineering Schools and Research Institutes, with a special emphasize on the participation of PhD and Masters Students from both sides of the Mediterranean sea. The conference wil include Oral and Poster presentations as well as plenary and keynote presentations given by high profile scientists that will cover the key themes of the conference. Proceedings of the conference will be published in an international journal.